Nonprofits assist and enrich society in many essential ways. Despite this, they are not immune from lawsuits and legal requirements. Hershberger Law Office is passionate about helping nonprofits fulfill their missions. We realize that non-profit leaders are often too busy with their mission to consider all the regulations and tax requirements facing them. This is why we partner with those leaders to ensure that their vital work is completed without distraction.   

Our non-profit legal services include:

  • State Registration of your nonprofit
  • Drafting of Bylaws and other agreements
  • Filing for formal 501(c)(3) status
  • General operational advice geared toward maintaining exemption
  • Property acquisition
  • Treatment of Unrelated Business Income
  • Other operational concerns
  • Civil Litigation

Churches face an increasing maze of tax, employment discimination, and liability issues. Even though a unique institution that existed before the Internal Revenue Code, the church must nonetheless comply with many general non-profit organization requirements. Church bylaws should be updated to reflect current caselaw about religious employment decisions. Volunteer policies should be implemented and followed to avoid liability. Security policies are becoming more and more important in the light of recent church shootings. Also, much confusion exists about the amount of political involvement a church may engage in.

Josh Hershberger is an ordained minister as well as an attorney and, thus, has unique insight into the difficulty of pursuing the church's mission while staying compliant and protected from liability. He would enjoy assisting your church in incorporating, applying for tax-exempt status, updating your bylaws, reviewing employment agreements, advising on employment terminations, and much more. Josh also serves churches through an educational and advocacy organization called Church Law Institute. For more information, visit

If you have legal questions about your nonprofit or church, call us at 812-274-0441.