We are striving to break the stereotype of attorneys by caring for and serving your legal needs with integrity and compassion. The mission of Hershberger Law Office is to become your trusted friend and advocate in the legal arena.We understand that your life is often too busy and always too important for you to be constantly distracted or anxious about your legal matters.  We also understand that the law touches the most difficult and the most sensitive elements of your life. Because of this, we take each call or appointment seriously and focus on three important guiding principles:

Dedication. Integrity. Results. 

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First, we promise dedication. Josh Hershberger enjoys taking part in a great American tradition--that of achieving through hard work. With the aid of scholarships, he worked his way through college (while playing college basketball) and law school, graduating in the top 5% of his class without the aid of student loans.  Now, Josh applies that same dedication to cases throughout southeast Indiana and north-central Kentucky. In short, we promise to work hard at your case once accepted.

Second, we promise integrity. Someone has quipped that 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name. In short, attorneys are known for back-room deals and questionable ethics. Josh holds himself to a higher standard. As an ordained minister as well as an attorney, Josh asks what is right and legal. This guiding principle builds trust among clients, judges and other attorneys, and this trust is critical to winning cases.

Third, we focus on results. Josh has developed a practice that is intentional about reaching your goals. From our initial consultation to a verdict or settlement, our efforts will be channeled to serving you by obtaining your goal in your case. To assist in this, Hershberger Law Office employs recent technology, flexible billing options, and a one-business day return call policy.

If Dedication, Integrity and Results are important to you and your case, contact us for a free initial consultation!